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Accesible Washrooms

With the majority of public buildings across Canada requiring barrier-free washrooms in public areas, there is an ever-increasing need for quality washroom fixtures that meet the unique spacing and accessibility requirements.


More often than not, design teams are made to comprise on quality and looks to meet the accessibility codes required to provide inclusivity for wheelchair users. With the customizability of our custom sinks, their easy and adjustable installation combined with our range of senor faucets and soaps, we eliminate the need for a compromise.  


Ardec Group offers a complete package to support the designer in specifying a wheel-chair friendly handwashing experience, with products that are functional and inclusive, yet tasteful and contemporary. 


Monolith A Series

The Monolith A series is a modular solid surface trough sink designed for use with deck-mounted fixtures.


Its ability to be customized to almost any length and depth make it easy to fit in a range of washroom spaces. An adjustable and easy to install bracket system, hidden by the sink skirts , free up space underneath the sink and secure it to the wall.


Ribbon Faucet

Engineered for performance and aesthetics, The Ribbon Sensor Faucet delivers an outstanding hand-washing experience in any scale of restroom.  

Its sensor operated capabilities allow for easy activation for wheelchair users while eliminating the spread of bacteria with reduced contact points.


Vironne Pipeskirt

The Vironne Pipeskirt is a stainless steel frame complete with hinges and doors that acts as a component cover and access panel.


Installed under the sink, these are designed to be both unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, providing protection from plumbing and electrical components all while meeting ADA requirements. 


Ribbon Soap Dispenser

With its slender, streamlined design, the Ribbon Soap Dispenser features updated and redeveloped functionality for an enhanced user experience. 

Its extremely reliable IR sensor-activated foam-soap system ensures that a precise amount of soap is conveniently dispensed to the user every single time.



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