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Every Development. Every Washroom.

Our washroom products are designed to be versatile - using the different styles and finishes available, we are able to adapt to the needs of interior designers. We allow designers to find and match products to their desired approach instead of having to fit standard washroom products into their design. Whether in a Recreation, Institutional, Retail, Office, Commercial, Hospitality, Medical or Condominium development we provide pieces that a compliment the surrounding design. 

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Commercial/Institutional: Robust sink designs with cast stainless steel faucets and soap dispensers ensure they can withstand the test of high traffic and high stress areas.

Medical/Hospitality: Deck-mounted hand dryers, touchless fixtures and efficient slot drains reduce touch points and water spillage and therefore limit spread of bacteria.

Office/Retail/Recreational: Matching fixture sets combined with a customizable and minimalistic sink design save on space and costs for small washrooms and tight budgets.

Condominium: Vessel sinks, towel warmers and plethora of other accessories allow designers to outfit residential washrooms with elegant and sensible items.

York Region

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Etihad Museum

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To get a quote or inquire about any of our products reach out to us and we would be glad to assist you. 

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