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The award-winning Ribbon Collection is a unique three-product hand-washing system designed in collaboration with British architecture studio Sebastian Conran Associates. Specified as a set, or individually as stand-alone products, the slender deck-mounted trio create an easy, intuitive hand-washing journey at the sink, from soap dispensing to drying. 


The advantages of the Ribbon system’s individualized hand washing are significant and are made to ease the work of the architect. They firstly allow for design flexibility as the specifier chooses how much, or how little, serves the visual needs of their project. Secondly, their easy configuration ensures that the arrangement and number of the fixtures can be chosen to best fit the environment and user behavior. 

While the individual fixtures within The Ribbon System are a boon for designers seeking maximum flexibility, The Ribbon System also boasts effortless scalability. Single codes for two and three-fixture sets keep specification and purchasing simple on larger projects. When used in concert with our Multi-Feed Soap System, as many as six user stations are filled uniformly from a single 1.6 gallon reservoir. Available with SMART technology, the soap system relieves pressure on facility maintenance workers and promotes greater accuracy in supply procurement.



PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a process for finishing metal by depositing pigmented titanium ions in a vacuum chamber. The process produces minimal waste and increases the durability of the metal beneath. Ardec Group offers Ribbon in three PVD finishes, as well as brushed or polished stainless steel.    

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The Complete Ribbon System

For easy scalability on large projects or a straightforward spec on single-user cabins, all three Ribbon System fixtures are here under one code. This kit includes all you need to install the Ribbon Soap Dispenser, Faucet, and Hand Dryer. Available in our elegant PVD finishes, as well as brushed or polished stainless steel.


To get product data and specification sheets use this link to visit our resources page.

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