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From Start to Finish

Ardec Group has set itself apart by providing quality customer service from the start of a project design through to the everyday maintenance of the products. 

1. Design Development: Access to our website and brochures and quick response times help designers to find the best possible products to match the customer's budget and design requirements. View Products

2. Specification & Compliance: Our resources page, experienced team members and ADA and CSA approved products help architects and engineers make a tedious process easier. See Datasheets

3. Estimating: Our team works through architectural drawings and specifications to provide contractors with the best possible price for the quantities and sizes required. Request a Quote

Single-User Monolith Basin2.jpg

4. Purchasing & Delivery: Prompt replies and quick turnaround times ensure that the contractor can get the products easily and meet project deadlines. 

5. Install & Maintenance: Our operations staff provide phone and on-site support to installers and maintenance staff looking for best practice tips. Get Technical Support


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