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    TSL.46 Double Roll Holder


    Machined from solid AISI304 stainless steel, this elegant ADA-compliant double toilet roll holder is durable and hardwearing and weighs a sturdy 1lb 7oz. Suitable for use in office, retail, museum and hospitality sectors, it can accommodate two standard-sized toilet rolls (at a maximum size of 130mm diameter x 110mm width x 35mm diameter core per roll) to minimize refill.

    Concealed anti-theft fixings hidden inside the elegant cylindrical wall plate make it easy to install and provides a snug fit to the restroom wall, while the solid, safe, squared-corner tubular arm has a movable axle to provide low friction for core toilet rolls. This timeless, minimalist design comes in a range of four colored PVD finishes, providing a deluxe, hygienic and robust option for public and commercial washrooms.