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    Radius Sensor Faucet - Large


    Water efficient, hygienic, slim and with super-stable IR technology, the sleek TSL.882 Infrared Sensor Faucet features an elegant, minimalist wall-mounted spout machined from AISI304 stainless steel. A separate sensor housing crafted in matching stainless steel is designed to be affixed directly under the spout.


    Easy to install, this infrared sensor faucet can be operated using either mains or battery power and is robust enough to be suitable for high-traffic public or commercial washrooms. With a flow rate of 0.4GPM or 0.8GPM, an operating pressure of 0.2 to 8 Bar and an IR sensor range of 2" to 4 1/2", it’s an easy-to-use restroom option that has been designed in conjunction with the TSL.470 soap dispenser. Together, their lengths align with Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden mean; a mathematical ratio that represents a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions that creates a naturally pleasing and harmonious composition. LEED compliant, this refined, minimalist faucet comes in four metallic colored PVD finishes in brushed stainless steel.