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    TSL.940 Deck Mounted Straight Spout Faucet -Large


    The simplicity of form and clean lines allow the TSL.940 faucet to work across many design intents. Bauhaus-inspired, the faucets are milled from solid stainless steel and utilize robust Infra-Red technology, offering sensor stability and longevity.


    The straight spout option offers sensible design in unison with quality assurance and a high level of craftsmanship. The faucet  can be matched with our manual or sensor-operated soap dispensers for commercial washroom environments that are not just better, but beautiful.


    The product also benefits from an anti-rotation collar, which in addition to the solid steel construction gives them durability which belies their slender looks. The tap offers the flexibility of power source; either mains or battery, which can be helpful when specifying retrofit schemes.