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Gender Neutral Style Washrooms

Gender-neutral washrooms offer a holistic design approach that optimizes space, lowers expenses, and fosters a more inclusive environment.


Optimized Floor Space



Instead of allocating space for multiple segregated washrooms and separate entrances, a single gender-neutral space serves everyone, streamlines the layout, and frees up valuable real estate within the building.


Simplified Maintenance



Having a singular washroom design simplifies maintenance by having only one set of fixtures to maintain, fewer plumbing connections to inspect, and less wear and tear overall.


Increased Accessibility



Gender-neutral washrooms are also more accessible for people with disabilities and easier to use for care givers, who may be of a different gender than the person they are assisting.


Reduce Construction Costs



Traditional restrooms require additional walls, partitions, and corridors which entails extra materials, labor, and design – with gender-neutral facilities, these excess costs are eliminated.


Design Consistency




A unified restroom design ensures consistency in aesthetics, materials, and finishes resulting in a cohesive approach that enhances the design harmony of the building.


Resource Efficiency


With less washrooms, there is a reduced consumption of construction material which aligns with sustainable building practices and contributes to a smaller environmental footprint.


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